About Us

Live Eye Video Monitoring provides affordable live video monitoring across Canada. Get peace of mind through remote video monitoring and real-time video surveillance.

Our customized solutions use the latest technology available in the market and is specifically designed to suit your needs.

Our solutions are 20 – 60% cheaper than hired security guards and leverages Intelligent Technology to proactively deter crime in a real-time setting.

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Our Process

Monitoring CCTV footage

We develop a comprehensive plan that our agents follow at all times. Our staff will contact the internal call list and notify them of the offence. We then create follow up report containing all the relevant information which we send to the designated contact.

With our state-of-the-art Intelligent Video Management software, we continuously monitor your cameras and communicate across speakers. We provide the best-in-class loss prevention, safety, security and management tools available today.

Live Eye Video Monitoring gives us the peace and mind to sleep throughout the night, knowing our property is being monitored by a Live Eye agent. They went over our security protocols and integrated them into one easy to fallow Standard Operating Procedures.


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