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Ensure heightened security and regulate access to your casino premises with our comprehensive casino surveillance solutions. Our service includes monitoring entrances with advanced cameras, remote gate access using cutting-edge software, and intercom systems. Our vigilant team keeps a watchful eye on every aspect of your casino hub. Through our proactive and systematic approach, we minimise the risks of unauthorised entry, vandalism, and theft, providing peace of mind for both you and your guests.

By choosing Live Eye Monitoring, you’re investing in top-class surveillance solutions that will instill confidence and ensure 100% client satisfaction. As part of our job, we proactively coordinate with local enforcement and law officers to apprehend and prevent nuisance makers or criminals. Let us handle the surveillance job while you can focus on delivering an exceptional casino experience.

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We offer Advanced Security Solution for your all kind of residential. You can select from the large variety of cameras.

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We help you to protect your sensitive business and personal information from disruption, modification, destruction.

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Our casino surveillance service offers unparalleled advantages to ensure the security and integrity of your business. With a team of expert staff and cutting-edge technology, we provide round-the-clock live monitoring, swift response times, comprehensive risk assessment, secured recorded data, and personalised security solutions tailored to your needs. Trust us to safeguard your casino property and patrons efficiently and effectively.


Frequently Asked Questions

Live Eye Monitoring has a dedicated team of expert staff who oversee surveillance operations round-the-clock, utilising advanced technology to monitor entry points and detect any security breaches.
Live Eye Monitoring uses state-of-the-art video surveillance technology, remote gate access control, and advanced software systems to ensure comprehensive coverage, including all the blind spots on your casino premises.
Absolutely! Live Eye Monitoring offers 24/7 round-the-clock live monitoring services for continuous surveillance and rapid response to any security incidents that may arise. We even keep the recorded data of the footage for further legal action, if necessary.
Live Eye Monitoring prioritises rapid response times, ensuring that security incidents are addressed promptly to minimise potential risks, mitigate any threats, or apprehend the suspects related to the casino’s security.
Yes! Live Eye Monitoring offers customisable surveillance solutions tailored to the unique requirements and layout of your casino, ensuring optimal security coverage and effectiveness.
Yes, Live Eye Monitoring offers comprehensive reporting and analytics services, providing valuable insights based on surveillance data to enhance security strategies and decision-making processes.


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At Live Eye Monitoring, we employ a meticulous process to ensure the highest level of security for your assets. We prioritise proactive measures and immediate responses, guaranteeing the safety of your valuable resources.


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