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We have a wide range of security solutions available to protect your most valuable belongings. Our systems include camera security, access control, alarm systems, full-time remote monitoring, and CCTV. You will rest easier knowing that we are using the latest technology in your security system.

Let us design an intelligent security system that will grow along with you, providing exceptional security now and into the future.

Reliable Security Solutions

Car Dealerships

Get the ultimate solution for your car dealership security. We study your complete dealership layout and develop a highly efficient and cost-effective security solution to protect your business.

We examine all vulnerable points and determine the best security solution for your company. Our professional installers connect the hardware and software while our agents monitor the site according to your action plan.

CCTV surveillance system for car dealer monitoring

Truck Site Monitoring

Security camera with solar panels

Remote Sites

Our remote monitoring solutions are perfect for areas with no power, limited access, or underwater. We have a variety of cameras and systems specifically designed for this type of monitoring.

Built for rapid deployment, our solutions have a low carbon footprint and incorporate the least amount of disturbance to the environment. We can mount our devices in a variety of discrete locations to give you a 360 degree view of your site.

Construction Sites

Live video monitoring helps deter theft and vandalism of large equipment and other items that have to be kept outside. Our systems help stop criminal activity before it happens and are better than Security Guards because we are always watching.

We will access your construction site or truck yard to determine all the vulnerable spots and customize a security system to meet your site security needs.

Construction site security
Security camera with solar panels

Cannabis Sites

 24 hour live video monitoring of your  licensed producer site, dispensary, or provincial recreation cannabis store. Our intrusion systems detect and report incidents (including break-ins, natural disasters, and fire) and help protect your staff and investment!

Our security solutions exceed Health Canada and ACMPR guidelines so you can rest assured your business is protected. 

Hotels, Motels, Apartments

Enhance your security and restrict entry to your hotel, motel, or apartment buildingwith a fully connected system. Our dedicated agents oversee entry into all doors and vehicle entry points through via video cameras, remote access gates, state-of-the-art software and intercoms to lower the risk of unauthorized access, vandalism and theft.

Provide your guests with peace of mind during their stay and help lower your vacancy rates. 

Construction site security

Industrial Security Live Monitoring

Our experience with Live Eye Video Monitoring is very positive. In our tenure with the service they have deterred multiple suspects off the property while not interfering with our retail operations. We are pleased with the results they have provided and the work they have done to earn the trust of local authorities.


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